Lauree Simmons, CEO and founder of Big Dog Ranch Rescue (BDRR), estimates her organization has saved hundreds of stray dogs left at the U.S. southern border by migrants.

“It’s a huge problem,” she said Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Simmons shared that she visited Eagle Pass, Texas near the Rio Grande and saw hundreds of starving and abandoned dogs. 

“[They were] left to fend for themselves from illegal immigrants that cross the border with their dogs. Then they get on busses and just leave them behind,” she said. “These dogs can’t survive on their own.”

Simmons told host Tucker Carlson the National Guard reached out to her and another organization about a border cleanup, but when she arrived, she was shocked by how many stray dogs there were. 

“This couldn’t come at a worse time. Shelters throughout the country are overflowing everywhere,” she said. 


“Owner surrenders are up 60% throughout the country because people are having to make the hard choice of whether to feed their families or fill up their car with gas and heat their homes or give up their dog. They just can’t afford to care for them.” 

BDRR is the largest no-kill dog rescue in the country. Simmons said the organization’s Palm Beach location currently has 750 dogs waiting to be adopted. 

A new 100-acre rehabilitation, medical and adoption facility was recently opened in Shorter, Ala. in an effort to save more dogs from euthanasia and to serve as a hub to transport dogs to the Northeast. 

“How can people help,?” Tucker Carlson asked. 

“You can please come adopt one of these dogs, there’s so many that need homes – or donate. Donations keep us going. Go to our website at and help us save more lives,” Simmons responded. 

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